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Spring washer are mainly punched out from iron plates.
Spring washer: after lock, use elastic pad have the effect of locking, and of course to a double nut effect is poor.
Single nut + flat mat, play mat: rely on the nut itself locking force and elastic cushion locking performance, a double nut.

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Product name DIN 127 spring washer/lock washer
Size M5-M52
Surface Zinc, black, plain, HDG, etc
Grade 4.8/ 8.8/ 10.9/ 12.9 Ect
Material Carbon Steel
Certificate ISO 9001
Package Bag/carton+pallet packing or customized
Application Heavy Industry, Mining, Water Treatment, Healthcare, Retail Industry,General Industry, Oil&gas, Automative.
Advantage • One-stop shopping;
• professional and experienced engineers and strict QC and QA system
• response within 24 hours
• Have passed the quality authentication
• large stock for standard size
• Timely delivery
• Supply Material and Test Reports;
• Samples for free

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(1)Smooth surface
The surface is smooth without burr, which meets the requirements of national standard. Regular inspection qualified, well-made, strong and durable.

(2)Identification standard
Fine selection of materials, good processing performance, long life
Brand quality is guaranteed, international standards and specifications.

It can be customized.
Complete specifications, anti loose, good stability.
Suitable for various requirements.

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(1)The function of the spring washer is to tighten the nut, and the spring washer gives the nut an elastic force to tighten the nut, so that it is not easy to fall off. The basic function of the spring is to give a force to the nut after the nut is tightened, so as to increase the friction between the nut and the bolt.
(2)Generally, flat pad is not used for spring pad (flat pad and spring pad are considered only when the surface of fastener and installation surface is to be protected).
(3)The spring gasket is anti loose. When there is vibration, pulse and relatively large fluctuation of medium temperature, the spring gasket must be used.

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